Grip Balls

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Do you have balls?!?!

The importance of training hand grip strength for combat sports (bjj, judo, wrestling, boxing, muay thai, MMA, etc.) is well known. However, hand grip strength is an important, although often overlooked, component of success in other sports as varied as weightlifting, gymnastics, rock climbing, crossfit, baseball, tennis, and rowing. Luckily, the ultimate grip training apparatus is now here! Attach our grip balls to nearly anything to add a totally new dimension to your workout. Simply clip to a carabiner to attach the grip ball to cables, chains, pull up bars, our War Wagon, and many other devices.

Grip balls develop

  • Pure Grip Strength
  • Dynamic Grip Strength
  • Pinch Strength
  • Muscular Grip Endurance

Price: $45 for a set of 2
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