Battle Hammers

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For centuries the worlds greatest athletes, especially a number of world champion boxers, have been documented  using sledgehammers, mauls and maces as a staple of their strength and conditioning routines. The problem is most have used hardware store equipment designed for cutting wood or demoing countertops though. Now, after many years of experimentation and prototyping, Immortal Combat Equipment presents you the most advanced, most durable and sport specific hammer you will find on the market, period.

Design features include a cylindrical head that prevents the “jolt” of hitting a tire with a square headed hammer. A ball on the end that prevents the hammer from slipping out of your hand. A flat top that allows it to stand on it’s own for storage. A  “thru-weld” design that prevents the head from ever falling off or breaking.

One more thing: Have you ever wondered why you see a 120 pound mom just trying to get in shape using the same size/weight hammer as a 200 pound football player? We have asked this question and answered it. The hammers are now available from 15-35 pounds in 5 pound increments (and up to any weight via custom order!). Buy a set of Battle Hammers and increase your number of potential exercises exponentially without the hassle of filling the head with pellets or bb’s. Even more weights will be available soon!

The Battle Hammers are used to develop the following

-Dynamic Strength Endurance
-Grip Strength
-Explosive Strength
-Rotational Strength
-Much much more

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