Battle Hammer

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For centuries, the world's greatest athletes, especially a number of world champion boxers, have used sledgehammers, mauls, and maces as a staple of their strength and conditioning routines. Until now, most made do with hardware store equipment designed to cut wood or demo countertops. Now, after many years of experimentation and prototyping, we present the most advanced, most durable, and most sport-specific hammer on the market.

The Battle Hammer develops

  • Dynamic Strength Endurance
  • Grip Strength
  • Explosive Strength
  • Rotational Strength
  • Much, much more

Design features include

  • a cylindrical head that prevents the jolt of using a square-headed hammer,
  • a ball on the end that prevents the hammer from slipping out of your hand,
  • a flat top that allows the hammer to stand on its own for storage, and
  • a “thru-weld” design that prevents the head from ever falling off or breaking.

The Battle Hammer is available from 15 to 35 pounds in 5-pound increments. We will make any weight via custom order!

Buy a set of Battle Hammers so that everybody in your gym or family can benefit, from the smallest to the largest.


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