Immortal Combat Equipment

Matt Brown has been a professional mixed martial arts fighter for over 10 years and has been competing in the UFC since 2008. He was a personal trainer before making the switch to full time professional fighter. He had multiple certifications leading to a successful career as a personal trainer but decided to pursue his dream full time in 2008 to fight for the UFC. Matt has been studying the science of strength and conditioning for many years even before being a personal trainer and has had a passion for perfecting the art of building optimal strength and conditioning methods. Matt has trained and learned under many of the top strength coaches in the world including Louie Simmons, Joel Jamieson, Mark Phillippi and others. He has taken the knowledge gained from these coaches and applied it to his own methodologies to propel him to becoming a top 10 welterweight and being highly respected amongst the elite warriors of the UFC’s toughest division. Matt is now applying his knowledge and experience towards creating fitness equipment and modalities for combat athletes around the world. Few, if any, men exist with the combination of knowledge and experience that Matt possesses.